btw, this was the forward -

    Malayalam actor Mohanlal's father-in -law is Veteran tamil actor- producer Balaji.
    Balaji's sister is Vijaya Parathasarathy.
    Vijaya is the mother of tamil actor Y G Mahendran.
    Mahendran's wife's sister is Latha Rajinikanth.
    Latha Rajinikanth's daughter is Aiswarya whose husband is Danush.
    Latha Rajinikanth's brother is tamil actor Ravi Raghavendran.
    R Raghavendran's son is current music sensation Anirudh.
    Y G Mahendran daughter is Madumati married to Arun.
    Arun is son of Vijaya Chamundeswari.
    V Chamundeswari's father is famous actor Gemini Ganesan and Mother is Savitri.
    Bollywood actress Rekha's father is Gemini Ganesan
    Now think calmly.......... phew....
    and tell me how Mohanlal and Rekha are related to each other